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Thinking About Hiring a Suffolk County Paving Company? Key Characteristics of a Quality Paving Job to Look for When Assessing a Company’s Work

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Characteristics of a Quality Paving Job

Are you looking for “paving contractors near me” in Suffolk County? If so, then it goes without saying that you’re going to want to find a paving company that will provide top-quality results. Fortunately, finding a contractor that offers paving services in Nissequogue, NY isn’t hard; just do a quick search for “paver installation near me”, “local paving companies near me”, or any other similar query on the Internet and you’ll find plenty of companies to choose from. But just because there are a lot of paving contractors around, that doesn’t mean they all provide good results.

What’s the best way to find out if a contractor really does deliver the quality paving you’re looking for? Check out the work they’ve done! Get in touch with a handful of Suffolk County paving companies and ask if you can see examples of their work in person so you can assess the quality. What should you be looking for? Here’s are some key characteristics that indicate a quality paving job to check for.

A Thick Overlay

The thickness of the overlay of a paved surface is one of the most vital elements of a quality paving job. The overlay should be no less than two inches thick, as an overlay of that depth will prevent the surface from cracking and will ensure that the integrity of the structure will be retained a lot longer. If the overlay is less than two inches thick, there’s a good chance that your parking lot, driveway, walkway, or whatever other paved surfaces you’re having installed will start to crack, chip, and erode sooner than you’d like. If that happens, of course, you’ll need to have the surface repaved much sooner, too, which isn’t just a hassle; it’s an added expense.

Smooth Transition

Check out the transition from surrounding paved surfaces to the paved structure you’re assessing. For example, if you’re checking out a parking lot or a driveway that a contractor installed, look at the transition from adjacent paved surfaces; the street and walkways, for example. Does the transition between the paved structure the Suffolk County contractor installed and the surrounding paved surfaces look smooth and even? A smooth transition is important, not only because it impacts the aesthetics of the structure, but more importantly because it will have an impact on the cars that drive over it. It’s a lot safer and more comfortable to drive over smooth transitions between paved surfaces than it is to drive over uneven ones.

Proper Drainage

For paved structures, proper drainage is absolutely essential. Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause serious problems, including cracking and erosion, and will ultimately compromise not only the aesthetic appeal of the surface but the structural integrity, too. When you’re assessing the handiwork of Suffolk County paving contractors, make sure to check for proper drainage. Arrange to inspect a contractor’s work either while it’s raining, right after it has rained, or when sprinklers are or have recently been running near the structure. If you see pools of water on the surface, that’s a surefire sign that drainage is an issue and you should work with another paving company that can ensure proper drainage.

A Coat of Primer

The best paving contractors will apply primer to the surfaces of the structures they install. Primer strengthens the pavement, protects it from the elements, and preserves the color, too. In other words, primer helps to preserve the structural integrity of a paved surface and ensures that it will remain durable and look visually appealing for years to come. When you’re assessing a paving company’s craftsmanship, make sure that a coat of primer has been applied to the surface of the structure.

Detailed Work

A good Nissequogue, NY paving company will give as much attention to the smaller details as the bigger ones. Smooth, uniform pavement and level surfaces don’t just occur naturally; they require a keen eye, patience, and special care. A reputable company that provides high-quality paving will also make sure to remove all dust and debris from the surface of the structure before applying a coat of primer to ensure proper adhesion and more visually appealing results.

Looking for Quality Paving in Nissequogue, NY?

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